Request your Wawabag

1. Request your Wawabag online or take your own solid cardboard box.

In case you take your own box, we will send you a label to stick on it. In both cases, the transport is prepaid by Wawam and free of charge for you.


2. Carefully read our Quality Acceptance Criteria. Put your cleaned and ironed items into Wawabag or your box.

If you have items that do not correspond our Quality Acceptance Criteria, but you don’t’ want to keep them in your wardrobe, you can also send them to us. Close your Wawabag with an adhesive tape or seal your box.


3. Drop off your prepaid Wawabag or your prepaid labelled box free of charge at Collect+ drop off point or alternatively, Hermes will pick it up at your home . You can check the nearest drop off point here.  PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL, WHICH WILL INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING LABEL. 


4. Upon receipt of your Wawabag or your box in our premises, your clothes will be checked according to our Quality Acceptance Criteria by our operators.

5. The articles respecting all the conditions will be estimated and you will receive an email with your estimated selling price within 3 weeks ( time we spend to sort items, take photos and publish in various categories).

6. Rejected items will be given to The Salvation Army Charity and other Associations.