Frequently asked questions

How WAWAM fix the price of my clothes ?

We check prices of received items from brand's Internet catalogue and establish the most coherent and suitable original price of the article. We then apply the reduction on this price depending on the brand name, clothes' condition, its size etc...and display the item in our store. The reductions may vary between 50% and 90% of the estimated original price. Further reductions may be applied on the articles that are not sold within a certain period of time.

What % will I receive from my clothes ?

Below you can see how much you can earn based on the sale price displayed in WAWAM Store. You can quickly earn up to 70% of the price WAWAM sell it for.

How am I paid once my article is sold in WAWAM store ?

Once your item is sold, you receive the money from your sales directly into your PAYPAL account or you can request the transfer to your bank account. Please note: To make your bank transfer, you must have a minimum of £ 5 of sales with us. Once your article is sold, you will be asked by email to choose the method above you prefer and you will be credited up to 3 days after the reception of your confirmation.

Where do the clothes WAWAM store sells come from?

The clothings you buy on come from individuals like you. These are items that they have bought and were used little, which is why they are almost like new (sometimes even labelled) and can have a "second life".

How do you guarantee that the items in your store are in good condition?

Wawam Team takes care of checking the quality of the item before accepting it, all by hand. Our team of professionals carefully assesses each item we receive to determine its quality and ensure it meets our criteria and listing requirements. We also check its authenticity if luxury brand was sent to us, and we look for the price of a new article or similar to determine the reduction.